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Gracenote helps to connect audiences with content they will love

Gracenote solutions underpin the entire content lifecycle from creation to distribution through discovery and ad monetization. Creators. Owners. Distributors. Aggregators. Platforms. Advertisers.

Content development

Stay in tune with Hollywood trends, know the buzz-worthy names and grasp what captures the audience’s attention to create your next big hit.

Identify an all-star cast and crew

Gracenote Studio System, the premier entertainment industry database, offers comprehensive coverage across people and projects.

Create inclusive content strategies

Gracenote Inclusion Analytics provides on-screen talent representation compared with audience diversity.

Make informed content investments

Gracenote Content Analytics empowers data-driven decisioning using analysis and insights about TV shows and movies.

Content distribution

Use Gracenote metadata, IDs and global distribution network for effective content distribution, ensuring that your content is easily discoverable on leading video platforms and services worldwide and helping you unlock monetization opportunities.

Quickly launch FAST channels

Gracenote FAST Program delivers Gracenote IDs, enriched program descriptions, imagery and schedules.

Gain visibility into metadata and submit content to Gracenote

Gracenote’s Content Tools allow look-up access to Gracenote’s video metadata and support registration and optimization of program metadata.

Submit content for Gracenote IDs and metadata curation

Gracenote ID Distribution System streamlines registering and optimizing program metadata for distribution across Gracenote’s customer network.

Content discovery

Create compelling entertainment guides, search and discovery experiences that drive your audience to tune-in and engage.

Gracenote Video Data
Build next-gen video interfaces with personalized content recommendations

Gracenote Video Data provides comprehensive information on movies, TV shows and sports programs, including celebrity details, rich imagery, and TV schedules, as well as streaming availability.

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Gracenote Video Data
Build next-gen video interfaces with personalized content recommendations

Gracenote Video Data provides comprehensive information on movies, TV shows and sports programs, including celebrity details, rich imagery, and TV schedules, as well as streaming availability.

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Gracenote Music Data
Create unique music and podcast discovery experiences

Gracenote Music Data covers details on artists, albums, and tracks, including genre, era, mood, and tempo, along with rich imagery. Gracenote Audio On Demand covers podcast series and episode details.

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Engage fans Gracenote Sports Data
Engage fans with sports infotainment experiences

Gracenote Sports Data provides information about live sports scores, schedules, standings, team, and player details for various sports leagues around the world.

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Improve radio navigation Gracenote Smart Radio
Improve radio navigation in the car

Gracenote Smart Radio covers radio station details and radio categories, as well as music artist, album and track names and rich visuals.

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man in car
Modernize entertainment for connected cars

Gracenote Nexus Auto platform reduces development time and simplifies integration of Gracenote’s audio, sports and video data sets designed for connected cars.

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Contextual advertising

Enhance contextual ad targeting and brand suitability, along with CTV reporting, by using industry-leading Gracenote video content metadata and IDs.

Increase high-value, targetable inventory

Standardized classifications, including detailed genres across multiple dimensions, enable more comprehensive categorization and expansion of targetable video content inventory.

Maximize targeting efficiencies with content-level signals

By utilizing genres, ratings, and additional content descriptors, advertisers can align their ads with specific content and designate exclusions that may not align with their advertising objectives.

Enable greater transparency and control in CTV advertising

Gracenote Contextual Video Data content-level classifications help to increase ad buying choice, bidding transparency and bolster reporting analytics.

Our key differentiators


Unrivaled global coverage

Largest global database: Gracenote’s industry-leading datasets cover TV programs, movies, sports, music and podcasts in 80 countries and 35 languages.

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Industry standard content IDs

Universally adopted: Gracenote IDs are common identifiers adopted by the world’s leading media companies to deliver powerful cross-media entertainment experiences.

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Unmatched quality

Machine driven, human validated: Gracenote’s best-in-class data and images fuel new search and discovery experiences across every screen.

Trusted by leading entertainment companies

Gracenote content development, distribution, discovery and advertising solutions help our customers connect audiences with content.

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Jun 18, 2024
Nearly 70% of this year’s new TV series are BIPOC-inclusive

Premium original content presents new opportunities for media buyers looking to be more inclusive with their ad spending.

Jun 14, 2024

Maximize content's potential with Gracenote

Gracenote helps you shape project development, accelerate content distribution, and create personalized entertainment guides and user experiences to get the most from your content investment.

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