Advanced Discovery

Reimagine the video discovery experience

Video data overview

Advanced Discovery overview

In today’s dynamic video landscape, audiences are often overwhelmed and frustrated with the abundance of choice for movies, TV shows and sports content. For TV and video services, it’s essential to create captivating user experiences by incorporating personalized content recommendations and search functionalities. These features empower audiences to effortlessly discover and engage with the content they love. With Gracenote Advanced Discovery products, providers can curate unique viewer experiences and present relevant content tailored to individual tastes and preferences for increased viewing times and audience tune-in.


Gracenote provides global and local content solutions in key regions across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Advanced Discovery benefits

Increase viewing time

Keep viewers engaged by surfacing relevant new, niche and popular content based on personalized taste profiles and behaviors.

Drive audience tune-in

Enhance audience engagement with a personalized image carousel, featuring custom imagery that highlights favorite actors, genres, moods and more.

Reduce customer churn

Create personalized viewer experiences with targeted content carousels and recommendations for programming based on specific descriptive keywords.

Advanced Discovery product benefits
Advanced Discovery features enhancing content navigation

Advanced Discovery features

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Video Data

Visually present your content catalog with the definitive collection of data, images and content IDs for movies, TV shows and sports programming to drive audience engagement.

Streaming and Linear Availability

Help audiences find and watch their favorite movies, TV shows and sports across all providers, platforms and services with deep links directly to the program for a seamless viewing experience.

Sports Data

Captivate sports fans with unique sports experiences that keep them informed of live games or engaged with their favorite teams and leagues at home, in the car or on-the-go.

Unlock the power of personalized content discovery

Whether you’re aiming to enhance content discovery and offer personalized recommendations for movies, TV shows, sports or a combination of these, Gracenote offers the solution for next-gen entertainment experiences.


Here’s what our customers have to say

liberty global
It’s been a really positive experience. Gracenote was really dedicated with a real eye for the details. Not just following along, but also challenging us and bringing in new thinking.

Bei Li

Senior Manager CMS & Metadata Product Development
This relationship means that we can be even more effective for our delivery partners and in turn improve the navigation, search, and discoverability of our amazing originals, exclusives, blockbusters, and classic TV series across the OTT landscape.

Philippe Guelton



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