Content Distribution

Streamline content distribution and enhance discoverability

Content Distribution overview

Today’s TV and video content  is delivered across a range of different platforms including global streaming providers, smart TVs, traditional pay TV and content aggregators. To maximize their investments, content owners must navigate the complexities associated with extensive content choice for viewers and multiple platform delivery by making programs available quickly and easily surfaced. Working with Gracenote allows content owners to package and distribute their schedules and program metadata more easily to our global distribution network. By leveraging the Gracenote ID, content is seamlessly ingested into workflows and optimized for next generation discovery experiences.


Gracenote offers global and local content solutions across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Content Distribution benefits

Enhance content discoverability across platforms

Improve audience engagement and discovery by providing critical metadata and imagery that drives personalized recommendations.

Syndicate FAST channels to streaming platforms

Streamline content distribution and deliver premium broadcast quality metadata and images to platforms in Gracenote’s global distribution network.

Simplify content aggregation

Outsource the aggregation, normalization and management of hundreds of inconsistent data feeds from multiple content providers with Gracenote content tools.

Optimize internal content workflows

Leverage the Gracenote ID in recommendation engines and ad tech systems to improve the consumer experience and open up more monetization opportunities.
Content Distribution strategies
Content Distribution product features

Content Distribution features

Related products

FAST Program

Accelerate FAST channel go-to-market, enhance channel and content discoverability and unlock ad monetization opportunities.

Content Tools

Submit, verify and manage your content metadata relied upon by leading TV and video services worldwide, as well as track program airings across channels, streaming or regions.

Gracenote ID Distribution System

Gracenote IDs are globally adopted , enabling the content ecosystem to identify and represent content throughout the supply chain – from development, distribution to discovery through advertising monetization.

Enhance your content distribution strategy with Gracenote

Whether you’re looking to expand your FAST channel reach, streamline distribution, enhance discoverability, improve audience engagement, or optimize your content investment decision-making, Gracenote’s content distribution services can help.


What our customers are saying

liberty global
It’s been a really positive experience. Gracenote was really dedicated with a real eye for the details. Not just following along, but also challenging us and bringing in new thinking.

Bei Li

Senior Manager CMS & Metadata Product Development
This relationship means that we can be even more effective for our delivery partners and in turn improve the navigation, search, and discoverability of our amazing originals, exclusives, blockbusters, and classic TV series across the OTT landscape.

Philippe Guelton



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