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Publisher overview

With so many viewing options for audiences, including the expanding connected TV (CTV) and AVOD streaming services sectors, there is more opportunity than ever to engage consumers with video content as well as advertising. Leveraging Gracenote’s industry-standard content IDs and enriched metadata, publishers can better organize and understand their content catalogs, benchmark against competitors and inform critical decisions around programming. With Gracenote, publishers can enhance program discoverability and power content guides and recommendations as well as expand premium inventory, letting media buyers contextually target ad messages and maximize their ad spend.

Publisher products

Gracenote powers linear and streaming video content discovery across the entertainment ecosystem for streaming platforms, CTV manufacturers and MVPDs. Now, it is offering its advanced content metadata to help content publishers more effectively target relevant programs.

Contextual Video Data

Gracenote’s video metadata and IDs enable publishers to expand premium, contextual inventory to help advertisers reach target audiences, and offer reporting to provide more transparency on ad placements.

Video Data

Get the definitive collection of aggregated, normalized global video data, imagery, and IDs, trusted by leading entertainment platforms to enhance TV and video navigation experiences. Power intuitive video search and discovery experiences to drive audience engagement and tune-in.

Advanced Discovery

Nuanced Video Descriptors across mood, theme, scenario, setting, subject and more, as well as tailored imagery and popularity data fuel personalized video recommendations.

Gracenote IDs

Gracenote IDs are widely adopted globally, enabling the content ecosystem to identify and represent content throughout the supply chain – from development, distribution to discovery.

Trusted by leading entertainment companies

Gracenote’s content development, distribution, discovery and advertising solutions help our customers connect audiences with content.

liberty global

What our customers are saying

In our case, and based on an assessment of several market offerings, we now make use of recording cluster data from Gracenote. Using their music recognition technology, Gracenote are able to de-duplicate sound recordings down to a single, normalized recording, based on their audible similarity.

Mark Douglas

Chief Information Officer
liberty global
It’s been a really positive experience. Gracenote was really dedicated with a real eye for the details. Not just following along, but also challenging us and bringing in new thinking.

Bei Li

Senior Manager CMS & Metadata Product Development
This relationship means that we can be even more effective for our delivery partners and in turn improve the navigation, search, and discoverability of our amazing originals, exclusives, blockbusters, and classic TV series across the OTT landscape.

Philippe Guelton

By helping to deliver a human-machine interface that is easy-to-use and aesthetically beautiful, Gracenote’s Smart Radio data solutions fit this approach perfectly.

Derek Jenkins

Senior Vice President of Design & Brand


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Unlock the power of CTV targeting for enhanced advertising strategies

Whether you’re looking to enhance content discovery for your audience or expand premium, contextual inventory for media buyers, Gracenote can help.

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